Clean Energy

Clean energy holds substantial guarantee worldwide, which is why Viper Resources’ devotion to supplying worldwide energy services exceeds traditional energy sources. Wanting to a future that significantly consists of clean, eco-friendly and sustainable energy, Viper Resources’ experts are leading the field from geothermal energy to water management and carbon capture and storage (CSS) with our tested eco-sensitive options and proficiency.


Geothermal Energy

Since the 1950s, Viper Resources has been a complete leader in geothermal technology and procedures and we continue to have a substantial and far-flung effect on geothermal tasks. Our technology and services, consisting of consulting/project management, drilling, sealing, fluids, logging, conclusions, stimulation and assistance for possibly broadened Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), deal total services to any geothermal difficulty.


Water Management

Viper Resources acknowledges that water is among the world’s most important resources and hence has been using its unequalled experience to water management obstacles for almost a century. Assisting operators decrease and recycle produced water and lessen fresh water use not just adds to water preservation, but can even enhance operator success. From chemical and mechanical tools to custom water treatment, our tested abilities help resolve operators’ water management difficulties, while pleasing a broad variety of tank management and ecological goals.


Carbon Capture and Storage

Extensively considered the most commercially practical method to lower CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has been a Viper Resources service for more than 40 years. Our large job experience in securely dealing with and redeploying excess CO2, from website evaluation through capability preparation, assists make sure that our customers can have comfort, knowing their CO2 is being dealt with effectively and cost successfully.